Bullying/Dark Days Part One

When I was a child I was bullied and I remember had a very hard time. I just could not stop it. I always had different ideas and that gets me into trouble even today. Nowadays people talks about bullying too much, when it’s something that had always existed and always will. It’s not a bad thing, it helps define your personality, and gives you what’s necessary to grow before everybody else. Sometimes bad things, hard days gives you what you need to become what you need to become, dark days are blessings. Dark days are part of the Unified
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The Unified Field

One unbounded ocean of consciousness became light, water and matter. And the three became many.In this way the whole universe was created as an unbounded ocean of consciousness ever unfolding within itself. UPANISHADS The ocean of pure consciousness that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talks about is also known by modern science as the Unified Field. Modern science and ancient science are coming together. VEDIC science the science of consciousness studies the laws of nature, the Constitution of the universe, and how it all unfolds. In VEDIC science, this ocean of  pure consciousness is called Atma, the Self. “Know thy self” Trascendental
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