The Unified Field

One unbounded ocean of consciousness became light, water and matter. And the three became many.In this way the whole universe was created as an unbounded ocean of consciousness ever unfolding within itself. UPANISHADS The ocean of pure consciousness that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talks about is also known by modern science as the Unified Field. Modern science and ancient science are coming together. VEDIC science the science of consciousness studies the laws of nature, the Constitution of the universe, and how it all unfolds. In VEDIC science, this ocean of  pure consciousness is called Atma, the Self. “Know thy self” Trascendental
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Viaje a Colombia

Hola amigos, en este post les contare de mi viaje a Colombia y les daré algunos tips que facilitaran varios detalles en su viaje.   Muchos dicen que es muy peligroso ir a Colombia y eso es una gran mentira. El problema es que la gente se deja llevar de manera muy fácil y muchas veces se crea una imagen errónea de un país o persona. Es por eso que considero importante checar bien la fuente e informase antes de juzgar.   Es importante también valuar de que origen eres ya que  el choque cultural es el que pueda llegar
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This post is not intended to talk about professional photography. Instead I will talk about the fact that nowadays we all have the power to take some pictures , and capture some moments with the gadgets we all have contact with. I call this the paparazzi effect. Back in the day it was a luxury to be able to take some photos in the company of family and friends, not to mention when painters where the ones that  capture us and the landscapes. With the technologies increasingly growing in a very quickly way, new tools appear every day. Tools that
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