This post is not intended to talk about professional photography. Instead I will talk about the fact that nowadays we all have the power to take some pictures , and capture some moments with the gadgets we all have contact with. I call this the paparazzi effect. Back in the day it was a luxury to be able to take some photos in the company of family and friends, not to mention when painters where the ones that  capture us and the landscapes. With the technologies increasingly growing in a very quickly way, new tools appear every day. Tools that
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Dell Laptop Fan Noise/Steps to change ram on laptop

Dell Laptop Fan Noise/Steps to change ram on laptop Wednesday, September 9, 2015 9:47 PM Ok, I just bought a pretty little machine for my girlfriend called Dell Inspiron 5548 , but as many of you know, this dell machines make a lot of fan noise. I decided to bought a ADATA DDR3 1600 8GB of ram. Well then. So if you have a dell computer and don’t know what to do with this fan noise you can solve it with this option. In the other hand if you are afraid  to open your computer and don’t know how to
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How to use OneNote Publisher pluggin for WordPress

Hello my friends! Ok first of all what you need to do is go directly to your plugins section in WordPress and type OneNote Publisher, install the plugin and follow the instructions that are very straight forward. Next you need to do is go to OneNote and create a new note book and call it Blog_Posts (call it as you wish but make sure you use that note book only for your posts for wordpress). Next step is to go to wordpress and create a new post, there you will find a new button with the image of OneNote, click
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