Mexico’s Independence Day

Hello my friends I like to share with you some  facts about “El dia de Inpendencia de Mexico”. How we celebrate it and why we do it . The food and  traditions.


The origin of Mexican Independence Day date from 1810, when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Issued “El grito de Dolores” (cry of dolores).He was a priest and helped raise against spaniards with a rousing speech, ranged the bell of the church  and called everyone to take up arms.

This day is best known as “El Grito” . Everyone gather with family and friends, we all buy a lot of alcohol drinks like “tequila” and beer mostly. Family and restaurants serve the famous meals  Like “pozole” , “chiles en nogada”,tostadas con crema( toast with cream), tons of lemons ,salsa, chile piquin, lettuce,onions and radish just to spice it upa little… lets say to pimp your pozole LoL. Dont ask how they cook the pozole cause I don’t know, but one thing I can tell you is that is delicious, my mom cooks it great made with pork(can be made with chicken too), a base of corns and of course let’s not forget about the “oregano”(most of you call it pizza herb).


During the week and that night we also eat the “chiles en nogada” (made with poblano chiles)a delicious dish stuffed with a mixture of meat and dried fruits, covered in walnut sauce(handmade)and garnished with pomegranate seeds and sometimes parsley.

The history of chiles en nogada comes also from the 1800s created by some nuns in Puebla. CHECK THIS LINK IF YOU WANT TO KNO THE HISTORY OF CHILES EN NOGADA.



That same night around 11:00 pm the president waves the national flag after shouting the “cry of independence” at the center of the city followed by famous artists doing free concerts and a lot of people celebrating it together with rockets and fireworks.

Some of us , just party with family and friends at home eating and drinking. Sometimes gets really confusing to differentiate the rockets from the balazos (gunshots), its very well know that in small towns people get randomly killed because of the bullet rains.


Well I wanted to share with you this lovely stories about my country.

Have a nice day and come to mexico and have fun 🙂

Pozole on the house next time you come to mexico 🙂



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