Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Hello my friends..lets get into business

I found the  film disappointing for a variety of reasons where’s the originality? The innovation?


I can’t believe there are no real reviews about this film, is like everyone is afraid of realizing how bad is the film for the obvious reasons. Of course this is very personal even though I’m a big fan of the saga.

At first I was with an “ok” when Disney bought the star wars rights, the saga was going nowhere, but I think Disney made a bad approach to the film along JJ Abrams.

They write it like if they didn’t believe in it 100%, it looks more like a shoot to kill to get a different kind of audiences (women and new era kids), The Force Awakens” is many things: a reboot, a tribute …. and above all, a marketing execution!!( $200 million dollar advert) and just to keep calm the hardcore ones and the classic fans of the saga they gave them some of their favorite characters abusing of the nostalgia they will be getting.

The only thing that’s an upgrade is the quality of the special effects, which are spectacular, but come on that’s a must, and even then I think there where a lot much more things to show ,you know a little bit more of imagination please!! More galaxies! more spaceships!

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted from one of these pictures, and also a heck of a lot less. A lean, mean nostalgia-dispensing machine, you will be impressed very easily if you’re looking for a nostalgia trip.

It is chronology impaired, and seems to believe that the Galaxy is the size of my closet, it lacks from characters development and as I said before it’s easy to lose the sense of time and the travels across the galaxy. It is very predictable with clichéd dialogue and poor creation of tension and motivation.

I know there’s no yoda in this movie but the dialogues are really bad, I really can’t believe that a movie this huge and with a team of writers with tons of experience made this.

Untrained people fight a Sith Lord with a lightsaber successfully, and don’t make me start with Kylo Ren haha; the worst Sith  ever in the StarWars saga for sure, no scars, stupid face, bad acting, some evidence of training please, the lightsaber is stupid, with that kind of design he will cut himself, he could never be able to make great moves.. None of this makes any sense.

Talking about the lightsaber of Kylo Ren supposley is an old design and maybe that’s why he has no training but ok.. Never the less I think it is stupid.


The story has many plot holes ad its full of funny moments (funny-stupid not funny-funny) Too much humor if you ask me, Disney is driving me crazy with all of that pompous jokes. Is like watching Marvel movies with bad acting. Fingers UP to Harrison ford, compelling performance by Daisy Ridley as Rey and Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) who couldn’t even enjoy it because of a bad execution in the script.

And last but not least what about the way Han Solo dies!!? is ridiculous, they lost a lot of time in a lot of none important things but when Han Solo was killed it was like nothing …no drama again..a very bad execution again.. But whatever the damage is done


I know characters will have much more development and conflicts in episode VIII but the story is not well written, they lost time in a lot of stupid events instead of building more three-dimensional characters.


If the next film is no better I am going to ask Hugo (from Lost Tv Show created by JJ.Abrams ohh dear haha ) to write it.


I believe this was an aggressive move and and an  I dont care attitude because they know everything they do not matter how bad it is people will still be fan of the saga and will never stop buying star wars stuff. The Force is with us forever, whether we like it or not.

I really hope Abrams and co-writers Lawrence Kasdan and Michael Arndt make the something better in the next film..

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