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A few months ago I made a review from the last StarWars movie(you can watch it here).
Today I saw this StarWars independent work and I’m just so shocked.
Is just an amazing peace of work. It’s far more better than the last movie and has even more drama and better fights and is just a short film of 17 minutes.  How awesome is that?!
I mean.. It’s awesome because it’s just one of those things that demonstrates that Hollywood is just bullshit, there’s another short film dancing in the Internet about goku fighting cell (DragonBall) and is far more better than the films.
This kind of works are the beginning of a new Era in the movie business.
Just think about it for a second, Hollywood is scared.
Those days are over when making a film was something expensive. You can even do a film  with your cellphone, you can buy a nice computer some nice programs and you can make editing, especial effects..etc. You can do anything you want.
It’s not going to be a surprise when anytime soon you see a very nice peace of work done solo. And I don’t mean solo Woody Allen  I mean solo.. Alone. And maybe the next gen of that are going to be films with no real actors.
But getting to the point watch this short of StarWars called Darth Maul: Apprentice directed by Shawn Bu a T7 Production.

What else you need to realize that the StarWars saga is not getting any better. And that the last film was horrible.
Ok I let you be the judge of that.
How awesome is this short film?!
Leave a comment and if you enjoy the

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  1. Leonor Rodríguez

    You are right! We are coming to an era where individuals will be able to make a good movie! Txs for the recomendation on Darth Maul.

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