This post is not intended to talk about professional photography. Instead I will talk about the fact that nowadays we all have the power to take some pictures , and capture some moments with the gadgets we all have contact with.

I call this the paparazzi effect.

Back in the day it was a luxury to be able to take some photos in the company of family and friends, not to mention when painters where the ones that  capture us and the landscapes.

With the technologies increasingly growing in a very quickly way, new tools appear every day. Tools that not that long time ago only existed on comic books , science fiction or movies.

Without going any further we all know that in our parents time it wasn’t that easy to capture a picture, at the time it was a nice luxury to have. It involves buying a very expensive camera or to ask for the services of a professional. With the evolution of this technology we are in need to deal with the pros and cons like everything else just like  the one that professional photographers have nowadays, they feel the need of giving their services cheaper than normal because everyone  thinks that there is no need to be  professional photographer… yeahh right, but I will talk about that in another post.

We live know in the era a of massive consumption and the very sickness of “possession” concepts that are a reflection of our attitudes in a daily basis. You come to the conclusion of the great identity problem humans can have.  It’s not enough to have one thing; talking about  tangible things people buy things all the time, thing they don’t need and throw them away just because they can without  even used them, they buy new tools all the time without even tried to learned how to use the first one they bought before, in relationships people don’t fight any more for their love ones because is easier to get a new companion.

Taking this as an analogy let’s talk about the paparazzi effect.

Everyone in this time takes photos in a massive way and none of them with quality. The kids of this era are taken with no surprise the amount of at least one picture pear week. This kids when they get older are going to be able to see  how they got older in a perfectly step by step. A little bit of narcissism indeed lol.

When I was a kid they use to took photos in the normal events and once in a while one picture for no excuse but that was it.

The photos taken had more value and where always precious and came with a little pray so that when the developing process came, the photo could be born in a perfect way. You put the picture in a photo album next to pictures with the same value.

But know everyone takes pictures with abundance, some of them live through “facebook”, “instagram” and some others are kept in the cloud like “google drive” or “onedrive“. They take so many pictures none of them has value, and the ones that have some sort of it are lost in the immensity of pictures taken. Nowadays people take  pictures of everything and nothing at the same time, they can take a picture of the things they eat, they buy, when they are in the bathroom and all some sort of nonsense .And of course it comes the time when you have to be aware of everyone like if you were a movie star or something, being aware of everyone and having to deal with the pictures taken to you like famous people deal with paparazzis…. “THE PAPARAZZI EFECT” .And if someone takes a  picture of you  in an uncomfortable moment you better pray to the lord you don’t find your picture as a MEME later on, or years later comes backs to hunt you.

There are moments in the evolution of everyman when realizes that is better to go for something simplier and say.. Let’s go back to basics


If you are going to take a picture do it granting added value.

Buy a printing machine of quality and print some pictures.

Give printed pictures as random gifts to friends and family.

Gather with family and friends and feel the joy of watching all together a photo album.

Live the moment and don’t lose it just because you want to take pictures all the time, take  2 or 3 and then enjoy the present.

Takes pictures for your blog 🙂

Learn to use Google drive and Onenote (I will do another post with some tips in the matter)

Buy a nice hard disk and backup  there your pictures too, in and ordered way.

If you buy a new tool let’s say a new phone or camera, learn to use it and really use it.

Use this as an analogy for life success.

If someone took a picture of you in an uncomfortable way like eating chocolate or something … pray for help.


If someone took a picture of you in an uncomfortable way but you look like this….no worries


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  1. Mariana

    Love your post, especially the part that says “And if someone takes a picture of you in an uncomfortable moment you better pray to the lord you don’t find your picture as a MEME later on, or years later comes backs to hunt you.” Lol
    But you are right …where does the value of a real and meaninfull photo remains? …

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